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Admission Process
If you are interested in providing a bilingual education for your child, we’d love to talk to you. Applications to BIBS and BIK from both the expatriate and Chinese communities are welcomed throughout the year, with suitable applicants offered seats in our programs. Admission to BIK and BIBS are determined by the admissions committee comprised of the school section Principal, an Admissions Officer and Specialists, where needed. Considerations for admission include the academic records, the student’s interview, and additional evaluation procedures as appropriate. 
Students’ Academic Potential

Successful admission to BIBS will depend upon proven academic ability. Prospective students must demonstrate appropriate achievement and academic potential for their age group.

English Language Proficiency

The principal language of instruction at BIBS is English. In order to be directly enrolled in a mainstream classroom, students seeking admission to BIBS are expected to have English proficiency appropriate to their age, and in line with the language requirements of their grade level. Students not at appropriate developmental levels may be considered for extra support.

BIBS Admissions Interview Results

The BIBS Admissions Office will arrange an official interview after having received all of the required application documents as required through our online application form, or as requested by an Admissions Officer.