College Counseling Service
College Guidance Counseling System

Having welcomed a series of integrating and upgrades under the instruction of Beanstalk Education Group Management and professionals, the BIBS College Guidance Counseling Office now offers a systematic college application guidance service including college application planning, career planning, academic planning and mental health counseling. The newly boarded experienced counsellors along with the refined guidance counseling program, have made the BIBS College Guidance Counseling Office even more professional and international.

College Guidance Counseling System
College Counseling Team

Our Professionalized guidance counselling team is of members coming from various academic fields such as education, physics, chemistry of the top universities like Cambridge, University of London and University of York etc. They all hold master’s degree and have years of experience on curriculum and guidance counselling services. It’s the professionalization of our administrative positions that guarantees the most precise and accurate support to our students.

College Counseling Team
College Guidance Counseling Services
1. Career Planning

Before choosing a university and major, students must be made aware of their own interests, personality, and the nature and future of their target field. For this reason, the BIBS Guidance Counseling Office provides personalized counseling service to every student based on one-on-one communication, career and personality tests. We help our students select, establish and examine their development plan and career objectives.

College Guidance Counseling Services
2. Exams Planning

Chinese students are no strangers to examinations. Exam planning helps our students prepare for the examinations needed for world top universities and become winners of the competition.

Many foreign universities require applicants to submit all their past exam results. Failing to do well with the first round of exam may very well leave a bad impression to the admission officers, and eventually lead to total failure. Therefore, early planning and preparation is essential.

3. Background Promotion

Besides academic scores, social activities experience also plays an important part in university applications. Students background promotion can be planned in the following ways.

Academic Competitions: our teachers have selected 10+ from more than 70 different international academic competitions. These competitions can and will take our students to a bigger academic platform and promote their background.

It helps them set their goals and defines the most helpful background promoters.

Once admitted, students can start a short term studying in the top universities directly, such as Harvard, Yale, Columbia and Stanford etc. If scores are qualified, students will have the opportunity to exchange credits and obtain recommendation letters from top professors, which will become a huge plus to student’s future applications.

4. University Application

We will follow the one-on-one personalized rule and help our students complete and organize all application documents such as recommendation letter and transcripts. We will also try our bests to help them apply for scholarship and necessary financial support.

It’s all about preparation. We will work closely with our students and their parents and provide the best planning from day one!