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Admission Process

BIBS is in the process of opening online applications. The following documents are expected from parents for either applying online or offline.

To apply online, please fill out enclosed Application Form and submit to below email address:

All your personal information will be treated in strict confidentiality.



In the first step, please provide the following materials to the BIBS Admissions Office

●  Completed Application Form.

●  2 recent passport-size photos (3.7 cm x 2.8 cm).

●  4 copies of the student’s passport picture page and visa page. (For Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau – a copy of a valid Temporary Residence Permit must be included.)

●  A copy of the student’s household registration and ID Card. (for Chinese applicants only.)

●  A copy of the student’s Beijing Residence Permit.

●  At least TWO full years’ academic records in English, including up-to-date current year’s records, for students applying to Grades 2 through 6. At least ONE year’s academic records in English, and up-to-date current year’s records, for students applying to Kindergarten or Grade 1. (Chinese applicants should provide records in both English and Chinese.)

●  Copy of both parent’s or guardian’s passports or ID cards.

●  Copy of the student’s Immunization Record.



Application reviewed by BIBS Admissions Office

Applications will be reviewed by the BIBS Admissions Department. 

Parents/Guardians may be contacted for any missing documents.




As an interview will be required for every student prior to admission, the BIBS Admissions office will notify the parents/guardians of the student’s interview appointment by phone or email. After the applicant has completed his/her English interview, an additional Chinese interview will be required to assess his/her Chinese Language proficiency. Parents will be advised of the results of all assessments.



Receive the Acceptance Packet from BIBS

The BIBS Admissions Office will email or send a hard copy of the Acceptance Packet to parents/guardians after the applicant has passed the interview process. The Acceptance Packet includes:

●  BIBS Acceptance Letter

●  Class Placement Notification

●  Withdrawal and Refund Policy

●  School Bus Information Notice (For those students who have applied for bus service.)

Parents/Guardians need to return the signed “Withdrawal and Refund Policy” form as soon as possible, prior to enrollment.



School Fees Invoice and Payment

Should an application be successful, the Admissions Office will also send an invoice to parents within one week of acceptance. Payment is expected within two weeks.

For more payment details, please contact our Admissions Office directly.