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Our Community

BIBS is a different kind of school: we are a community school. We believe that a good school can and should be a community, that it should create an environment in which students, parents and staff interact in a relaxed and intimate way, where learning can take place anywhere and where the traditional boundaries of the classroom. Taking the expression that it takes a village to raise a child, we see the BIBS Community as raising all our children.

Better than a great school with fantastic opportunities for its students is a great school with a powerful and dynamic community behind it. BIBS’ unique combination of devoted parents and talented staff works together as a community on a daily basis to provide the best educational and social environment for our children. Beyond the natural work of teachers and parents, those who look behind the scenes at BIBS will find students, professionals and friends, all working together to provide the best opportunities.

Home and school partnership

A child’s progress and development is best achieved within a community built upon a solid partnership between home and school. With the support of the BIBS Parent Teacher Association (PTA), BIBS is able to offer opportunities for learning and growth that extend far beyond the bounds of the classroom. Equally important, the BIBS PTA works tirelessly to develop the bonds that hold the BIBS community together. Whether it be through organizing an event, supporting a guest speaker, or giving feedback, the BIBS’ PTA is an important player in our students’ education.

Qualified educators and skilled staff

BIBS teachers specialists are qualified, experienced and motivated professionals that bring their own unique perspectives and skillsets to our classrooms. They share our commitment to providing the highest possible standard of education and care for your children. All BIBS teachers are native English speakers, many with years of international teaching experience. The majority of BIBS’ foreign teachers come from the US, UK, Canada, New Zealand or Australia. All BIBS’ Chinese teachers are qualified teachers under the Chinese national teacher licensing system.

We invite you to continue reading and we look forward to welcoming you into the BIBS Community soon.